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Behind the scenes of Splendore Della Vita

Come behind the scenes of our Splendore Della Vita campaign shoot with Assistant Creative Director, Christa. Captured in idyllic Sestri Levante, Italy. 

 Christa, what was your inspiration behind picking Italy as the backdrop for Splendour della vita? 

When we sat down to design this collection, we had dreams of doing a campaign in Italy. Channeling the carefree vibrancy of summer along Italy's western coastline our new colour 'Buttermilk' came to life.  Designed to reflect the splendour of life and reminding us to slow down and soak in the moments.

How do you find the best shoot locations? 
This was tricky. I hadn't been to Italy before so I had no clue where to start. Between our founder Will and our photographer Leni who had both visited Italy, we threw around a few places that we thought wouldn't be too busy. This took about a month to work out in terms of logistics. Once we were there we allowed a day or two in each town prior to shooting to map out the locations & distances etc. The day before the Rome shoot we did 22,000 steps, we couldn't feel our legs. Our trip was basically one big recce. 

What are your 'can't live without' essentials on a shoot day? 

Coffee, bumbag, Bulldog clips, paper stuffing, positive attitude.
Trying to work out how to grow more arms, but I haven't quite figured that one out yet.  
Where was your favourite location?
Sestri Levante was a bit special. It was the less touristy town of the bunch. Lots of Nonno's & Nonna's soaking up the sun from 8am till riposo & back again till sunset.  Crystal clear water, amazing food, and also home to my new favourite hotel - Hotel Helvetia. What more do you need?
What was the highlight your trip?
Oh there's so many to choose from but I don't think anything can top eating pesto pasta from the region pesto is from because it's my fave food of all time. 
What are your most loved pieces from the campaign? 
Phenomena in Buttermilk is my favourite... and the whole apparel collection which is coming soon!
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