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Dad’s Day Done

Save racking your brain, here’s a few simple sure fire ways to sort Dad’s Day.

An outdoor movie night

A big sheet (or fence), a projector, some decent snacks and a blanket is all you need to make this one a treat.  Take the indoors outdoors and put on Dad's favourite film. It’s not quite the drive in theater pre-kids but it’s got its own charm.


Handmade and heartfelt
A gift they’ll actually want?  No need for hype… just make them a card, write some nice words and tell them they’re awesome.  Especially if you’re separated by location or lockdowns.  Great chance to write to Grandpa, an Uncle or a Father figure. 

Bonus Points: Include some old photos, a drawing or list of their crazy sayings. 

A sleep in
‘Nuf said. 

Bonus Points: Breakfast menu delivered by one of the kids to take their order.

Home video

Throw together some old photos or videos.  Whether you’re watching it with them or emailing it to them, it's a memory making moment in itself.
Bonus Points: Finish with a personal message, maybe a funny story or something awesome they’ve taught you.

Family Games Night

Mini Olympics, Ninja courses or Minute to Win it games - head to YouTube for quick inspo.  The love is in the prep… so you can keep it fast and fun with plenty of banter. 

Backyard camping
Missed out on a holiday lately?  Choose your own adventure… throw up the tent, have a barbie dinner, maybe a backyard scavenger hunt and finish up with toasted marshmallows over the fire pit.
Don’t: forget to nominate a beer slave (Dad can’t be fetching his own). 
Do: go for paper plates (Dad’s off washing up duty)

Beer / Wine Tasting

Bring the brewery experience to the comfort of home. All you need is to grab a few different craft beers (your local bottle shop is bound to have a curated selection going), then make a tasting paddle topped with some bar snacks. 

Bonus points: Put on a playlist he’d love.

Do what he loves

Maybe it’s surfing, golf or just a beer on the deck.  Take the time to try (and possibly fail) in his world.

Picnic and Presents
Hard to fail here.  Put your best platter making skills to use and get creative with an outdoor picnic. Top with a cold beverage of choice, some comfy chairs to enjoy the fresh air and relax while you enjoy some delicious snacks with Dad.

Bonus Points: Presents that don’t include socks. 


Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, soon to be Dad’s and the Father figures.


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