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A seasonal change is the perfect excuse to revamp your bedroom. 
Here’s 5 easy ways to freshen up your sleep space. 

1.  Pick a Palette

Whether you're feeling neutral, or love to experiment with colour - choosing your palette is imperative to the overall vibe of your room.  There’s an endless list of Pantone colours to choose from… so to make things easier… here’s a few of our favourite trending tones.

Autumn Hues 

Warmer tones are great for creating an energetic ambience to your room. Blend burnt oranges, yellow turmerics and apricot colour-ways with neutral, earthy tones for a balanced, rustic interior. 


Cooler tones

For an edgier, more structured feel utilise greys, navy blues and sages. Cooler tones are a super easy way of introducing colour to your bedroom, without over complicating your space. They are also incredibly versatile, allowing you to be a little more flexible when decorating!

2.  Your bed

It's the centrepiece of most bedrooms. You've picked a colour palette, now it's time to work out what sheets you want. Linen is a great option, both a natural fibre but also looks and feels great.  Play around with mixed prints or bold colours to either compliment your room's aesthetic or be a statement piece. 


3.  Those extra pieces

Sustainability is good for all involved… so a room revamp is a fun excuse to find some one-off vintage pieces. Inject your sense of individuality to your space with timeless artworks, lamps, decorative vases & tableware. Choose your treasures carefully to balance the old soul with the new. And if you’re not up for rummaging through your local op-shop, here are our favourite vintage furniture stores; 


3.  Light it Up 

Lighting has such an impact on the ambience of a space and a simple hack is to swap your light bulb to a softer, warmer hue — dramatically changing the feel of your space. Floor and table lamps are another great option because they also double as a decor piece. Use them to cast softer light and provide height and drama in your space. 

Oh and if you want to create an aesthetically pleasing golden hour glow… then we recommend you check out a sunset lamp. 



5.  Add green

Plants have the unique ability to lift a room and add life. 

Low maintenance indoor plant recommendations
(incase you don't have the green thumb); 

- Peace Lily
- English Ivy
- Ponytail Palm
- Philodendron
- Snake Plant

    Branch out with various sized pots and vases to fill all your nooks & crannies. Introduce colour by painting your pots and getting creative with patterns, lines and shapes.



    Less is always more, you want your bedroom to feel restful and recharging.  So aim for uncomplicated, well chosen pieces. 
    Simple but special. 





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