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We love Christmas. And if ever there's a year we've earned a drink with friends - 2020 is it.  It's an awesome time of year, the food, the friends, the celebrating with family. BUT it's easy to get a little caught up, it's easy to feel a little burnt out, over-committed and find the whole thing a bit too much. So here are a few tips on how to cut down on stress, unwanted gifts and unnecessary spending all while looking awesome.



Comfort first

'Tis the season to overindulge, so dress comfy. Avoid the last-minute outfit panic or buying fast fashion you'll only ever wear once.  Have a few staple pieces that you can lift with a few bright accessories and good hair and makeup.



Dodge the comparison trap 

Comparison is a happiness killer.  So let's not get too caught up comparing or keeping up with the Jones'. After all, it's not the gingerbread houses, elaborate meals or Chrissy lights display that will have the biggest impact on those you love. It's your attitude. Love them, be present with them, be generous with your attention.  Practise gratitude and contentment in simple pleasures.  



Enjoy yourself

Don't lose it if you're late, forgot a gift, or your pav was a flop. Just turn the Chrissy music up, see the lighter side and enjoy the season in all its madness. 



Be generous with your attention. 

You can't gift everyone expensive gifts, but you can genuinely be present when they speak to you. Listen, ask questions, make space for them when they talk. Can you find someone a little on the fringe to extend that generosity too... even just really listening to an elderly neighbour or someone a little lonely at this time of year?  It might even brighten your day more than theirs.



Organised types 

Be one of the smug organised types. Get your family KK sorted with an app and then shop online and avoid the frenzy. By convincing the fam to do the Secret Santa you can each get one decent thing you won’t want to regift.



Kind words

Write a nice card. Keep it simple, just say thank you... and share a memory you enjoyed together this year.




In a season often filled with lists, commitments and little time to spare - perhaps what we need most is to simplify and just enjoy connecting with others.  Celebrating the people in our lives and the time we spend with them. 2020 taught us a few things... maybe one of them was practising doing less. 

Happy Christmas from all here at Status Anxiety.



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