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It's No Secret

It’s no secret we love plants at Status Anxiety.  Our office and stores stores are filled with them!  Plants and flower arrangements have an amazing ability to brighten and bring life into a space.  

We’ve sourced many of our plants and flowers for our retail stores from our friends Luca Luna.  LL is a unique botanical and homewares store in Thirroul just south of Sydney.  They have a focus on carefully curated blooms, slow buying, ethically produced products and have stocked our gear for years.  We asked them to show us their top tips for creating an inspired floral arrangement for your home.

In a time when your home space may be in need of a little TLC, we asked Tara from Luca Luna to share her top tips for creating an inspirational floral arrangement for your home...


Vase or Vessel? 

Consider the shape — best advice ever! Choose a vase that has a tapered neck or smaller opening. Remember the bigger the neck, the more flowers you’ll need to fill it. We find that sometimes a recycled jar or smaller handmade vessels are perfect for a single feature stem.




Use two or three varieties of blooms, grouping them together to create visual impact. Sometimes less is more and by only using a smaller variety of flowers, our eye can focus on each stem more clearly. In turn, we can appreciate each flower's individual beauty.



Texture and Shape

Think about using different shapes and textures. Often the foliage can add great texture and interest in the vase. Trailing flowers and foliage, berries and quirky shapes can make your arrangement stand out.



Clean water

So important to keep the water as clean as possible. This increases the life of your flowers. A secret tip is to add a drop of unscented bleach to the vase or half a Milton tablet into the water. Every time you change the water (ideally once every two days) give the flowers a small trim on an angle.



Perhaps the most important part is to keep it simple, enjoy the creative moment and let your arrangement refresh your home space. 



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