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Co-founder of Blacklist studio (a brand we stock in our stores).  Jaynie is completing her masters in social work, working in the studio and she runs a project called @luckymama_aus, which builds community for mums who have children living with disabilities but who aren't defined by them.  Jaynie and her husband Nate are also raising three awesome little humans; Willow, Dare and Rocko.



“I’m a confident introvert who loves to spend time with my family by the sea. I love being in nature, reading, creating and having friends over. I’m a dreamer and a do-er who loves love. I’m also a wife of 13 years to the kindest & coolest man. And very lucky mama to beautiful Willow (11), darling Dare (7) and sweetheart Rocky (4).”

“As a Mum, I love constantly being surrounded by my kids' wonder, humour, perspective and creativity. It’s my greatest  joy and privilege to discover the unfolding universes that exist within our childrenI want my kids to always remember that they were unconditionally loved and adored. That people matter more than anyTHING. That family is a safe place to find and discover yourself. And that we had loads of adventure and fun.”



“Something close to my heart is advocating for and creating (& maintaining) inclusive communities for all people. Our lived experience is within the sphere of disability. I’d love to see continued change where inclusion isn’t just a supported good idea (which in our experience it thankfully has been), but is a normal way of life.  The last couple of years have seen me studying my Masters in Counseling, with a goal to research ways to help relationships and families not only survive but thrive when caring, living and loving a child or sibling with a disability.”



“An ideal future for my kids looks like one where they are (actually) all seen as having an equally important contribution to the world.”

Mum hacks:  My current fave is when you have a babysitter over (all the 16 yo girls are going to hate me) make sure you leave washing for them to fold.  And in our house meal plans reign supreme. They make the week way easier. And healthier. And cheaper.



Always in my bag: A pen. Phone. Notebook. Perfume. Mints. Eye drops (strange but true). A book to read (total nerd). And Wipes as our youngest can’t stand sticky hands.


Jaynie wears Plunder - Black Bubble and New Normal - Khaki




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