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We've been asked for years to make a camera bag and it's finally here!



Designed with a friend

We called in the help of a friend and awesome human being Kyree Harvey, who also happens to be one hell of a photographer to help us design it.  Kyree knows a good (and bad) camera bag when she sees one and together with our Founder Will Sked they created this compact camera bag for your everyday travels. 


Just like our Founder, this fam has three kids under 6; two boys and a girl.  Ky is creative, hardworking and very very generous.  She has the photographers heart and eye that wants to soak in every moment to absorb and remember.  She's a details girl, loves quality stuff that works and appreciates the good things in life.  What's not to love about her really.



When designing together we both wanted to create a bag you'd wanna take with you everywhere you go.... without looking like you just stepped off a tour bus at times square.   A bag that protects your gear but is compact and versatile enough to always be by your side.  



It had to have the obvious functionality that a camera bag demands but without compromising on the style.
The 'Loved You First' bag has a large main pocket with velcro dividers for separation between camera / lenses, front zip pocket for keys etc, back slider pocket for your phone, side D rings for clipping on extra gear and shoulder pad for carry comfort.  Perfect for the undercover cameraperson who just wants a bloody good looking bag that also happens to carry a proper camera. Not too much to ask really. 


Snap Snap

Photo ready, remember to: 

- Tell the story, welcome in both the good and the bad images —finding beauty in the blurry and authenticity in the imperfection. 
- Change your perspective; snap the small details that are easily missed. 
- Most importantly wear your proper camera everywhere you go - you'll want to seize the opportunities to whip it out and capture the moments and memories.


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