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Creating a more sustainable wardrobe isn't about perfection, but about making better choices. We can avoid fast fashion and poorly made clothing that quickly falls apart. Instead, maybe it's time to shift gears and think about our wardrobes a little differently. When we buy new, choosing well-made, quality pieces we'll wear again and again.  Let's normalise outfit repeating!  When it comes to doing our bit, one of the best things we can do as individual consumers is to keep our stuff in use for longer.   

When you're trying to build a more sustainable wardrobe here are 5 staples you'll need.  

(Hint: you're looking for well made pieces that will last and you'll wear and re-wear).


1. The white tee

You can't go past a basic white Tee, but some mysterious reason a good one can be hard to find.  Choose a relaxed fit in 100% cotton for minimum shrinkage.



2. The classic blue jeans

Look for a classic cut that goes with everything and makes you feel like yourself.



3. The statement shoe 

Be it a sneaker, rafia shoe or heel. You're looking for something comfy, that can pull together even the most boring outfit. Even if it's a splurge, when you're wearing it lots, the cost per wear will end out being less than something you half like and never wear.



4. The watch 

A staple that's casual enough for walking the dog or heading to the shops but that also works for when you're on a night out.


5. The everyday bag 

Choose premium leather, handcrafted to last and with enough room to carry everything you need (including your snacks).



Disclaimer: Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one adopts a fully sustainable lifestyle overnight.




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